The Achskelian Fallacy

Each to their own

- The characters fight a different battle

Having cleaned up after their house warming, the characters find them selves in a rain soaked Makrinusburg. One dark night, while even more rain is pouring it knocks on the door.

It is the butler, of the esteemed Lady pretorius, Olmos that has come to offer the small entourage a dinner invitation. Olmos is not super succesful in his dealings with Storm, but quickly offers the invitation to Allaran, and whomever he might see fit to bring.

The Hallway and generally the mansion is exquisite. The lady herself receives them in the small dining hall. A dark hardwood room, comfortably offering seating to 12 people. in short, the Lady asks them to be her retinue at the weekends dealing at high court. The matter of the gnolls is to be discussed. This is here the characters experience the battles that are fought amongst the nobles. Each have their own suggestions, each in turn favoring their own agendas.

As night falls, Lady Pretorius has one strong ally in the Young Sir Byron, and a possible alligiance with the powerful Lord Krenon. But as night falls, the city streets of Makrinusburg crawl with more sinisters things than bickering nobles….

As Lord Pretorius and Lord Krenon rode together in the twilight, the retinue was approach by to drunk people recognizing the characters as a heroes og Speleos and the people who slayed the crazy wizard at the Pontoppidan’s Estate. Allaran was tempted to go to be cheered at, while playing music and telling stories – the other were lured by free wine.

They accepted on the conditions of meeting them all later at The Prefects Winehouse(not to be confused with The Perfect Winehouse) and so continued down the street as a troupe. Suddenly 4 Cyclops stepped out, from behind the shadows… as it turned it, they were not the only creatures interrupting the midnight stroll. As the Cyclops engaged as interference, a group of Dark Elf Assassins shot Lord Krenons horses dead, right under him, then engaged the lord himself. Magic and blades befell Allaran and Storm and the struggle seem to go either way. Even though the Cyclops fell easily, despite their tough appearance, the ashen skinned assassins proves a more difficult adversary… until Zug let his tremendous axe fall, with all the might of his ancestors, which almost cleaved the leader. The rest was a matter of clean up.

The honorable Lord Krenon survived and became a stout ally in the dealing the following day.

In High Court, the Emperor refused to let Adventures take on matters of the state. Not until Storm proposed to do it all for free, did the Emperor open up a little. Then they would have to return all the loot they gathered to the Empire – that would be doing it for free! Negotiations began about a limit for covering their expenses. This lasted until something unexpected happened: A knight from the Platinum order rode in, fell of his horse, and cursed the gnolls, the betrayal and trolls with his dying breath. Then started a rain of gold coins… all the Lords and Ladies pooled together a reward for the heroes, if they could find answers to and possibly end the Gnoll incursion. The heroes accepted, walked over the pile of gold, readily amassing around the 10.000 gold coins and into the night…

…to start the search for answers to finally bringing the incursion to an end!



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