The Pantheon


Athrir is the Lord God of the Lands, the light of our Lives.

Originally a Elven god, presumably first preached by the Eladrin, it is the all encompassing god of Israzsh, All the known land. To them he is also known to be the Father of the Land. There are faded memories of a time where he was called Father of the Forrest, as this was all that the elves knew(and fair to say, the forrest covered more of Israzsh) – later when they ventured out in the world, so did the view of what he fathered. This is hidden or at least ill spoken, as the Elves don’t want to think that anything about Athrir is arbitrary.

Famous historian Treviar Achskel writes thus:

The elves seems not think that a life of servitude dedicated to Athrir or any of his aspects is the way to worship the Light of our lives. Staying virtues seems natural to them and does not strive for him. Instead they contemplate on his greatness and the meaning of his machinations – for in the endless search for truth, lies truth it self… or so the elves claims. They do not abide of the interpretation that the humans have made in turn. They see it as simplifying Athrir and despise it as crude.

Most humans worship some aspect of Athrir, named for the meaning he carries in the individuals life.

These Aspects are:
The Warrior
Our Lady
Moradin – The Dwarf
The Shadow

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Curiously the Dwarfs does not worship moradin – they worship Seht – The Grey Dragon, whom they revere as the creater of the moutain, as he broke out of his egg, that is the very earth all races walk upon – this also leads to the fact, that Dwarves are the only race that believe the surface they walk on, is part of a sphere or maybe egg shaped globe.

Some few enclaves worship Athrir, but only under the name Father.
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The Pantheon

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