Zugs Log

Day 1

Zug been wounded bad. A nice man came to help Zug get back on his feet. He had healing powers – that is nice.

Zug is a bit wary of this man… how many humans are nice? He says his name is maltosis…
Zug likes malt in beer – we could get a long.

Day 3

Huzzah! Zugs new friends like to bash things, in the name of good! Zug just likes ti bash things but as long as he he only bash things the man wants and does it noisily(Zugs favorite way) then Maltos is fine with it – we could get a long.

Day 5

Zug and Mal has met a new guy, Jenkins… he lost his friends, but we decided to be his new friends, because he ALSO likes to bash stuff. Zug has tried to explain new man, that a shield and all that worn metals get in the way of nice battle scars. The new man does not say anything, but Zug think he looks like he doesn’t understand.

Day 7

We arrived at a place of legend! Elandors Meet! Zug is not sure there is much to be achieved here, as it must be picked clean long ago… but Zug will take the sights. It is after all a time forgotten ruin of a great Elf and Dwarven city!

Day 7 – later

huhweeee! Lots of stuff to kill, and great loot too…. There are all sorts of skeletons and even flaming ones too.

And today Zug got a new, huge dwarven Great Axe of great potency… today Zug was a happy dwarf!

Zugs Log

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